Baby Carriers, Prams and Strollers

These days, when shopping for a stroller to transport your baby, you may be confused to find out that there are so many terms for Baby Carriages! Before the invention of the Stroller so commonly seen today, there was the Baby Jogger stroller Pram, or Baby Carriage

Prams have come a very long way since their invention, when they were a simple basket on wheels! The modern Pram is lightweight and collapsible With further exposure, you may decide that a Baby Carriage or Pram is the option for you!

A Pram is basically a bassinet on wheels; the child lies flat and faces the parents. A Pram is snug and confined.. A Pram’s rear-facing seat means your baby is close under your watchful eye. A Pram has a collapsible shade that can be raised to shield baby from the sun, and if a blanket is thrown over the front of the carriage, no wind or sun will get through and your baby is completely protected from the elements.

The classic design of a Pram or Baby Carriage is perfect for strolling in a park or around town! Many companies make a version of a Pram, and styles vary from classic to contemporary. Inglesina makes ornate English-style prams for strolling in elegance. These are available in classic colors, such as light blue, white, and chocolate, and with their elegant steel frames and simple design, you’ll feel as if you are strolling though the 1800s!

There are also more contemporary Travel Systems, such as those by Peg-Perego or UPPAbaby Strollers, featuring interchangeable Pram and Stroller seats, and even include an option for hooking a car seat right onto the stroller frame. These Prams come in modern colors and are easily collapsible for getting in or out of the car. A more versatile option, a travel system gives you the best of both designs!

A Pram or Baby Carriage is the most secure option for transporting a newborn around town! With the many options in carriages available today, many which convert into a stroller for continued use as your baby grows, you are sure to find the perfect carriage for your family! Visit us at for a complete array of the finest Baby Carriages and Prams available!